A Study in Domestic Violence: Dragons and Dichotomy of the Sexes

A Study in Domestic Violence: Dragons and Dichotomy of the Sexes

 Dragons and Dichotomy of the Sexes/ Slay Your Own Dragon

I would not use a sword against this monster if I might otherwise fight,as I did with Grendel. But how else fight fire a breath of poison Therefore, I wear shield and mail. I will not back a step away from that hoard-guardian. We two shall end as fate decrees. I am brave in mind, so I go against the war-flyer in no need of further boasting. You men wait on the hill, protect the war-gear and see which will, after the death rush, come away unwounded. This is not your duty, nor in the power of man. No one but myself can fight this monster. Your lord shall either win the treasure or lose his life. ~Beowulf

Domestic Violence Anthem: Slay Your Own Dragon

Slay Your Own Dragon

 Slay Your Own Dragons: A Fundamental Step toward Claiming Power 

Imagine a world where you feel completely safe because you know that you have the next moment to live the way that YOU choose. Now imagine a big dragon coming into that world and staring you down. You know that dragon is going to breathe fire at any moment. What do you do? Do you look around for someone else to come be your Knight? Even if you have one and he comes – – what then?

There is always a price to pay to be the damsel-in-distress. I know because I used to be one. The problem I had with being stuck in the role of the damsel was that I had no belief that I could change my path. I didn’t need to be in distress. And I really wasn’t stuck. I just thought I was.

After my (now) ex-husband developed a debilitating mental disorder (and refused to seek medical attention until it completely ripped our family apart and I had to be in and out of Domestic Violence shelters for two and a half years…), I finally stumbled upon a secret… I discovered that I can slay my own dragons. I don’t need to wait until things get better because I can do the work to “save me” myself. And the way that I did it was through education. …Now is the part where I’m going to start geeking-out on this journey. Hope you can take it. I promise that if you’ve got a dragon staring you down – it will be worth it! 

By observing numerous fundamental differences between men and women which are causative in nature via the human tendency to perceive experiences in an insular way, it becomes imperative to broaden one’s scope and seek academic sources for knowledge beyond colloquial perception. In other words: Knowledge is power!

In my quest to heal and continue on my path toward a life free from Domestic Violence, I will be calling upon my research skills to explore the dichotomy of the sexes in the hope to gain insight into why men and women function so differently, how we can avoid repeating the scripts of “the victim” or “the perpetrator,” and successfully claim the fullness of the power we have together.

Future Topics to Look Forward to:

  • The Building Blocks of Relationships
  • Attraction
  • Social Cognition
  • Communication
  • Interdependency
  • Friendship
  • Love
  • Gender Roles
  • Development and Science 
  • Children
  • Sexuality
  • Stressors
  • Conflict
  • Power and Control
  • The Cycle of Violence
  • Community Resources
  • Dissolution and Loss
  • Letting Go
  • Hope and Healing
  • and many, many more…

I invite you to come on this scientific and cultural journey with me as I heal and perhaps we’ll even heal together❣

Oh – and one more thing before you jump…

If you think you might be experiencing domestic violence…

If you or anyone you know is experiencing anything that you’re not comfortable with, then please call your local shelter or police department. It really helps to talk to someone. 

You can also call: 1-800-799-7233 | 1-800-787-3224 (TTY). You don’t need to live in fear. And you don’t need to live in silence. The National Domestic Violence Hotlinehttp://www.thehotline.org/